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Real Estate

Digital Asset management & Tokenization
Digital Asset management & Tokenization
Digital Asset Management and Real Estate Tokenization

Transform traditional real estate assets into digital tokens on a blockchain, offering unparalleled liquidity, transparency, and security.

Automated Lease Management and Smart Contracts

Simplify leasing procedures with blockchain-based smart contracts that automate rent collection, maintenance schedules, and contract renewals.

Augmented virtual reality
Augmented virtual reality
Virtual Property Tours with Augmented Reality

Offer immersive property experiences to potential buyers or tenants with our augmented reality tools, facilitating remote yet interactive property viewing.

Smart contracts
Smart contracts

Vantage Plus brings its exceptional prowess in data management, data science, and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the real estate sector. Our advanced solutions are designed to meet the growing complexities and demands of real estate transactions and management.

AI automation & RPA
AI automation & RPA

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Implement AI and RPA to automate contract data extraction, significantly reducing manual labor costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Rapid Information Retrieval

Utilize AI for swift and accurate search capabilities, providing immediate access to crucial data to expedite decision-making and dispute resolution.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Reduce legal and financial risks associated with real estate contracts by leveraging AI to identify and retrieve relevant information, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

AI Automation & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead in the real estate market by adopting innovative technology that not only cuts costs but also improves productivity and scalability, ultimately giving your company a competitive edge.

Client Satisfaction and Sustainability

By enhancing data management and dispute resolution through AI, you can improve client satisfaction, strengthen relationships, and contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing paper waste and energy consumption.

Tokenization for Real Estate

Explore the potential of tokenization in the real estate industry to revolutionize the process of renting or selling assets, ultimately increasing sales and enabling globalization.


Fractional Ownership

Enable fractional ownership of real estate assets through tokenization, making it more accessible to a broader range of investors and thereby boosting sales

Liquidity and Accessibility

Tokenization allows for the easy transfer of ownership, providing increased liquidity in the real estate market, while expanding accessibility to a global pool of investors, thus contributing to globalization.

Streamlined Transactions

Simplify the buying and selling process by using tokens, reducing the administrative burden and potentially shortening transaction times, which can lead to increased sales and global participation.

Enhanced Transparency

Utilize blockchain technology to create an immutable ledger of property transactions, increasing transparency and trust in real estate deals, which is especially crucial for rentals and sales, promoting globalization and higher sales.

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